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B&B Tree Service offers tree removal services, tree trimming, stump grinding, and many other services in Melbourne, including all of Brevard county FL areas

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We offer Land clearing, heavy brush mowing, mulching, ditch cleaning, driveway culverts, demolition, dirt worksite preparation, Fence line clearing, property line clearing, power line clearing/ utility line clearing, right of way clearing, ponds and pond dredging

  • Wind Mitigation tree trimming from over houses and other structures.
  • All aspects of tree trimming and pruning
  • Hazardous and non hazardous  tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Trimming and brush clearing of Property lines, lots, driveways, utility easements and right of ways
  • Bobcat service
  • Bucket truck service
  • Grapple truck service for hauling away debris.

Latest Testimonial

Clean up back yard, remove cabbage palms, cut down a sable palm, trim another one, clear out a cluster of bamboo trees (which we’ll cut up), plus remove several other smaller trees. Did a great job and cleaned up everything (except bamboo, which we kept) leaving it better than when he came. Did extra things, such as cut the stumps of palm tress that had been removed by another company and raked up the area around where he was working. Reasonable price. If you have a small job and can wait he may prefer to do it the same day he does another small job in your area. He asked if I could wait, which I said sure, and he quoted a price that reflected that. He came one week after initial contact. He brought all kinds of equipment to get the job done and two people (including himself, of course) for a total of about 5 work hours.

Phil R. on April 18, 2016